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How to fix the Dell light black printer issue

5. April 2017

In 2015 I bought an Dell C1660w printer. Since now he was running smoothly and without any error but a few days ago the black printing went into light gray. Ok, so I bought a new set of toner cardridges slipped it in and nothing changed.

I cleaned the CFD-sensors, swiped the printing device with this funny rod, did a reset to defaults and nothing changed. So I went to the Internet and found that this is a common error within Dell printers. After digging deeper I found a posting about a Dell 1320c from 2007 with the same error. In 2011 a guy answered with the solution: print a large chunk of papers and the printer will reset and recalibrate.

Yes, it worked for me and I don‘ know what to think about this …


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